Thousands of Families are Informal Settlers

The real estate is booming with a projection that the value of
construction will triple this year. As the forecast for land
development grows positive, squatters' area is also seen to increase.
This problem is centered in the crowded area of Metropolitan Manila
where informal settlers look for livelihood.

Most of the people leaving in the squatters' area cannot afford to pay
the rent because of their limited income. In relation to this problem,
two projects should be executed together: livelihood and housing
project. If both projects will be executed nationwide, these will
yield a positive effect in the economy. Imagine if we will be able to
eradicate informal settlers in our country; the image our country can
create with the world. The multiplier effect of livelihood project is
also remarkable.

The question is how can we execute these two projects? Is it through
government effort only? Or requires the help of private sector and
non-government organizations?

To execute these projects requires a large fund and a thorough
planning. A collective action, small or big, if summed can transform
our society.

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