February 9, 2013

A Reflection: Agriculture Trip!

“There are many things I learned from the Agro trip. First, I learned, while in the bus and sightseeing different places, that there are many land resources that are not yet properly utilized in the Philippines. What if these land resources are used for production of agriculture products? If that will happen, then there will be an increase in food production, price of agriculture products will decrease, and this might reflect on our GDP. Good for our country!

Second, I learned from our trip that there are agriculture (raw) goods that are quite expensive even though they are directly coming from the plantation. The lettuce in Gourmet Farm is priced at PhP 100+ and it is direct marketed at Gourmet CafĂ©. How is this business profiting from selling very expensive agriculture goods?  One thing is for sure, their target market are the high-end consumers (or class A market). According to the tour guide, the farm directly supplies Rustans and the likes.  How about the low income consumers, are they also getting supply of these products? I think you know the answer. Improper distribution of resources; the high income group is always the priority – this is the rule of most businesses in the country.

Third, I learned that it is fun to raise animals and it is fun to have a farm. When I arrived at both farms my mind was refreshed.

It is really fun out there; a very memorable experience. I enjoy the trip!” – Economics Student, written in 2009

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