March 10, 2013

Economics of Writing - Why We Should Write a Lot?

In the past few days, I have been reading books about how to improve my writing. Some says that economists are not good writers (I think I must agree, LOL). As an economist, the value of writing for me is very important. It helps me to layout the ideas inside my head. An economist is being paid for the knowledge he has and if you cannot communicate it in writing very well, you will have difficulty in your career. This is not only applicable for economist but for other professionals as well.

I am not an English teacher; I am an economist who wants to share my insights about writing. When I was studying, I did not value too much the importance of writing, but after landing to the corporate world I realized its importance. Well, I was able to finish writing my thesis but it took me a lot of energy to do that. To make this writing short, I think every person should write a lot (especially students like us) to practice their writing skill. There is no easy solution to improving our writing skill than starting to write at this moment. I suggest as a jump start, to start writing for your self; write anything what is inside your mind.

Lastly, if you are a good writer you will have many career opportunities. Hope this article will inspire you to write a lot. Cheers!

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