March 17, 2013

Evolving Media - Why We are Not Watching Same Channel?

Media has evolved from many generation. In the past we are just confined to main stream radio, TV, news papers, magazine, books, CD, and the likes. Now we have them all in one in the Internet. The difference is that today we are not only exposed to main stream but also to underground media. For example, before most of the news and information were being heard from newspapers and magazines, now all of us are news and information reporters in Facebook and Twitter. Before only artist can be watched in television, now everyone can perform his talent in Youtube and be watched by millions of people. Media of today's generation is freedom. Before you can assure that what you watched in television was also watched by your neighbor, but now it is different. We have freedom to choose our media, you can go main stream or underground.

The positive effect of evolution of media is that first it expands our choice. Second, income is distributed to nitch or small media. Third, we are exposed to limitless information.

Now we can say that each everyone has different combination of media. So don't be surprised when your sit mate or office mate does not watch the drama series that you are watching at night, maybe she has different media. Cheers to everyone!

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