March 10, 2013

Sabah – Claimed or Unclaimed?

Previous week content of news highlighted the clash between the group of sultan of Sulu and the Malaysian forces.

For long years, Philippines and Malaysia has been trying to resolve the ownership of Sabah, but no resolutions have been the subject of the headlines. What do you think happened in the past that result for sultan of Sulu to go to Sabah? And, why is it like the ownership of Sabah is in favor of Malaysia? In fact the Malaysian government right away sent their army to secure their claimed land (Sabah) while Philippine Army cannot even step in the said island. The question arises if the issue of Sabah ownership is already resolved.

It is not wrong for Malaysian Police to secure Sabah because they have claim on the land, the same is true for the Sultan of Sulu, because they have also claim on the land. But, for one party to provoke violence against the other party as if they are the only claimers/owners of the land is a selfish act.

Violence cannot be resolved thru violence. We are civilized people, the sultan of Sulu, the Philippine government, and the Malaysian government should try to resolve this issue in peaceful manner.


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