April 30, 2013

To Our Beloved Country

I have been living in the Philippines for many years (24 years), my own instinct and factual data tells me that we are a poor nation. Poor in the sense that many people in this country are living below the poverty line. Poor in the sense that, only minority is considered rich. Poor in the sense that, supply of goods (food and etc) are abundant, yet one has to choose an inferior good.

May 13, 2013 is the election day of the Philippines. This will spur new hope for our country. But always remember, development is not instant. Realistically, after voting your candidates for national election, nothing will change right away. I believed that the key for the true growth of our nation is the youth. Needless to say, maybe the youth during the past was not educated very well that resulted them to grow corrupt that led our country to a stagnated growth during the past years. Yet, Rizal (our national hero) had always emphasized that "the youth is the hope of our nation", maybe they did not listen carefully. Few have listened and proved their love for our country, and they are the one who are making the difference now.

To those who are not yet awakened by their conscience regarding their corrupt practices in the government and private sector, don't worry, our time is coming. Sooner the young bloods will replace you, and all of us in this young generation will assure that our own country will be proud of us. And while you are continuing to be corrupt, we are improving our selves so that we will be the most competent people in the world to take your place. When that time comes, our generation will be the most proud.

To the youth, you have read the paragraph above, you know that you are the hope of our country, please don't be corrupt.

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