April 11, 2013

We Have the same Phones - Technological Convergence

Many times we think of quality of goods based on their brand. Sometimes we associate it with the price of goods and services. The statement might be true for other products; but for technological products like gadgets, things might be different.

A cell phone, during the past 8 years, is assured to be produced in its homeland or if produced in other countries the materials are still coming from its home country. Nokia's materials were coming from Finland and Sony Ericsson were coming from Japan. Now a days is different.

Most of the gadgets today are manufactured in China. Sometimes you will notice that most of the cell phones have the same style and features, just differing on their brands. In fact, there are cell phone companies that don't have a manufacturing plant; all they have is a marketing department that promotes the brand. They are just outsourcing the production of their products to Chinese manufacturing firms.

If we are in same line of thought, it might happen the cell phone company A, company B, and company C have the same outsourced manufacturing firm in China. It might happen that a non-branded cell phone company C can be comparable to branded cell phone company A, that is perceived to be high quality because of its marketing campaigns, because they have the same outsourced manufacturing firm.

When people say that my phone is a "China phone", I reply with my mind, "our phone is the same, you just don't know". Good day everyone!

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