June 2, 2013

Is there a Need for College Degree?

The question of the need for college degree was raised due to increasing unemployment rate. In spite of acquiring a college degree, many students are finding it hard to land a good job. True or not true, this question should be answered and be given an explanation.

The question should not be a question because since then education is a choice. People want to be educated because they want to learn something in preparation for their future. Some are educated because of their love and passion for the subject matter, while others, on one hand, want to experience the life of an educated.

Education cannot be confined in the four walls of the classroom. Yet, I should say that primary education should start in the said four walls. After primary education, students can choose to self learn or go to college. Self learning is defined as learning using your own skills and knowledge. For example, learning by surfing the net; reading books, magazines, news papers, and etc.

Self learning is not an easy task. It requires an attitude of perseverance to learn and to acquire knowledge. Students that are not matured enough to self learn will find it difficult to do so. If you find it difficult to learn by yourself, you can choose to pay –enroll for a college degree or technical course.

On one hand, college is a preparation for self learning. In college, students are being trained and opened to different channels of knowledge and disciplines of life. After college, it is in the hands of the students to further improve their knowledge by self learning or enrolling in another course or training. Thus, whatever course of action we take, we will still land to an action of self learning, further studies, and its other terms. For example, in your first job, you noticed that your acquired skills and knowledge were not enough for you to do the work, thus, you studied the manuals and undergone trainings.

Thus, it is by self learning that we will be able to acquire more knowledge and will be able to land our source of income. Let me give you another example. You know that there is an opportunity for you to earn by selling "fishballs" and "kikiams", so what will you do? First you have to figure out how to enter the business, second, you need to learn how to cook, third, you need to know the source of capital, and so forth. To answer this questions require self learning, or not, a training (if you have the ability to pay).

The reality today is that whatever course or training we acquired, there is no assurance that we will be able to land our dream career; thus, we just need to be prepared to meet the challenging years ahead. By being flexible and realistic to the current challenges of employment opportunities, we will succeed.

"Opportunities come to those who are prepared".

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