June 17, 2013

Philippines 2030

As the economy post significant growth rates in the past quarters, it is good to examine what will be expected in year 2030 of the Philippines. By 2030 it is expected that supply of energy in the Philippines will stabilize which will result to efficient allocation of energy at lower (real) cost. Industrial sector will develop as more investors enter the market. More infrastructure development will be seen nationwide. More job opportunities in the local market. Education system will improve. Stable financial position of businesses will continue. New entrepreneurs will emerge. New generation will be on top and corruption will be less. Productivity will improve as more high skilled workers enter the labor market. New technologies will be adopted by the local market coming from the international market. Green technology will be the trend and this will be adopted by the private and public sector. More tourists will visit the Philippines as we retain our clean and green environment. Pollution control measures will be implemented strictly to assure vehicles, factories and the likes are complying with the environment friendly actions. Poverty eradication programs will continue to be implemented to assure that the poorest of the poor are taken care. More homes will be built and real estate will continue to flourish. Disaster control and forecast measures will be improve. Tie ups with the international countries will improve as Asia emerged as one nation with the goal of improving and helping each other country.

All of these good scenarios and many more are possible if we act now in good faith for the love of our country. We don't need to be a hero to help our country; we just need to be good citizens that are always ready to help those in need.

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