June 2, 2013

The Cake of Everyone

In a book written by John Maynard Keynes, he compared the resources of the world to a cake. That is, everyone can have a share but cannot consume everything. Because if everyone consumed the cake, then nothing will be left to be consume in the future.

If the cake was consumed less, then it can be easily rebuilt. Yet, the power to consume everything is in the hands of the wealthy. Laborers or workers, also termed as working class, also constitute large share of consumption if summed up (aggregated).

This article is not to imply that one must not buy or consume at all. But, one must be careful on how he or she uses his or her resources.

What is then the purpose of wealth or money if not consumed? If money is not to be consumed, but to be saved and invested, then this will build the cake and will served as the food of next generation.

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