June 25, 2013

We and Our Economy

We and our economy are one. Imagine that you are looking at your class card with list of your subjects at the left side and the corresponding grades on the right. You would be happy if you saw that your grades were high but sad if it was the contradiction. If we replaced the names of the subjects as profession and grades as productivity; what do we get? Let us put in an example:

Profession               Productivity Rating
1. Accountant                     Excellent
2. Police/Military                 Excellent
3. Analyst                            Excellent
4. Nurse                              Excellent
5. Teacher                           Excellent
6. Call Center                      Excellent
7. Banker                            Excellent
8. Salesman                         Excellent
9. Marketer                         Excellent
10. Driver                            Excellent
11. Engineer                        Excellent
12. Carpenter                      Excellent
13. Farmer                          Excellent
14. Fisherman                     Excellent
15. Other Professions         Excellent
Average Productivity of the Philippines (by profession) is Excellent      

If the above example is the class card of our economy then on average we will have an excellent grade. Thus, it is not only the performance of one profession or sector that matters most, each every performance is important. Collectively, if one of the sectors under-performs, then this will negatively affect the overall grade of our economy.  Thus, the performance of our economy is the result of our collective actions.

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