August 17, 2013

The Future of Water

During the past, water is free and clean. People can drink water without worrying and paying anything. Everyone has free access to water; water has no cost.

Today is different. The cost of water is increasing; we have to pay additional cost to assure that the water we are drinking is safe.

The cost of water tells a story that something was neglected in the past. If the water was valued and taken cared by the society, probably, there is no need to pay the additional cost for clean drinking water.

As years past by, the existence of clean "fresh waters" become uncertain. The pessimist might say that in the future fresh water will become a commodity; like gold and oil. A good becomes a commodity if it has limited supply; thus, increasing the value or price of the good. While, an optimist might argue that technology will lower the cost of purifying polluted water.

Whichever is true, we want the solution to be simple. That is, to act now and clean the water before it's too late.

Philippines is one of few countries with abundant source of natural fresh waters.

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