September 2, 2013

The Internet Economy

Internet is the only society without boundaries. In the real world one must have a passport and visa to enter a particular country; in the city one must pay a toll fee to pass the gates. In the internet world, websites have no barriers and no toll fees; despite the fact that there are sites that are asking for a fee, majority of the websites are free to access. Language is not a barrier anymore in the internet; with help of website language translation applications, everyone can now understand any kind of website content.

Information is the most valuable asset of this generation; internet is the home of millions of these assets. Internet is a way to widen connections and expand views; internet is a way to access different ideas which result to creativity.

Moreover, there is no doubt that internet has lower the cost of doing business. For example, because advertising in the internet is less costly compared to traditional advertising method, the cost of marketing will decline which will result to lower cost of goods and services.

Despite the benefit of the internet, not all have access to it; the reason is the cost. In order for one person to access the internet, one must pay a rent relative to network charge. In connection to this, it is very important to examine policies that will promote access to the World Wide Website.

If only everyone can have access to the internet then the world will be as one.

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