October 22, 2013

The New Century: Working to Live or Living to Work?

Service sector is booming with more Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies seeing Philippines as one of the best sites for business, things are getting better. Yet, the jobs that are being produced by the sector are not matching the unemployment cases that need to be resolved. Moreover, not only unemployment and underemployment is seen to increased, but as well as skill mismatch.

Diversification of job opportunities is a good indicator of economic health. This means that anyone who is looking for a job can apply for a job where his skills and knowledge can be put into best use.

Because the person had been unemployed for long time, he would probably give up his dream job and then choose to settle for the one that is available. The person could probably be more productive if he would be able to use his knowledge and skills from his undergraduate studies; yet, he needs to convince himself that what is important is that he has a job; and that he is earning for a leaving. The scenario is like survival game where in you have to grab what is offered at the moment just to survive. The scenario is not only applicable in the Philippines but also in other parts of the globe.

History would tell us that these should not be the case because during the past all of us have free access to basic needs of life. Industrialization has proven its worth, yet, it has also its own flaws. As centuries passed, cities have emerged, transportation has developed, and technology has ease life, yet, those things that are shared by many – those things that are free from the past are now priced.

Today people would not know if they are working to live or they are living to work. No one would like to choose between the two because most would probably only want to live.

The world has produced thousands of educated and knowledgeable economists, yet, poverty still exists. There is a question if poverty can be totally eradicated and what's the root cause of it. Poverty will always be in this world, the challenge is to escape it and never let it again catch you.

Unemployment, underemployment, skill mismatch, poverty, and whatever you call it; there will always be a solution if people will work together. 

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