January 1, 2014

Protected Bike Lanes

They say it's more fun in the Philippines; same is true that biking is more fun in the Philippines. With majority of the people in the country with no own transportation, bike can be a substitute. Compared to other means of transportation, bike is the cheapest which makes it one of the most affordable private transportation.

The person riding a bike can reach 10 KM destination in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, bikes are environmental friendly and good physical exercise machine. Bikes are mechanically designed to save electric and oil energy with the substitution of manpower energy.
Yet, despite the positive sentiments relative to the use of bike as basic private transportation, few government supports have materialized in line with the construction of protected bike lanes. The benefit of protected bike lane is not questionable as this will benefit the common people. Also, the construction of protected bike lanes will result to greater mobility and savings in transportation cost which will have positive effect in the economy.
Biking is more fun in the Philippines when it's safe.

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