July 4, 2014

Philippines Security and Development

Photo from US Marine Corps via Wikimedia.org

While there is a vision of progress for the Philippines, this vision is being threatened by terrorism and same acts. In other countries, like Iraq, its development was affected negatively due to lack of security and other factors; it can be observed that most of the civilians carry fire arms indicating the said claim. Well, civilians cannot be blamed for carrying deadly weapons because they want to secure their lives.

In the Philippines, there is still threat in the security of the people. Recent news showed that holdaping cases are increasing in the Metro and terrorism threat is up in Mindanao. This is normally observed when a country is developing, especially when development is not inclusive. Those people, who were left behind, see no choice but to do crimes and do acts of terrorism – because they are profiting by doing the said act.

The reality is that, not everyone will be included in the development right away, some needs to wait; some who can't wait do unexpected actions. And in this case, police and military visibility should be strengthened.

No society can be truly happy with a portion of it being down to poverty (Smith) and that the true way to lasting peace is by helping the vanquished rebuild (Keynes). 

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