July 1, 2014


In the age of technological advancement, communicating is becoming simple. With a smart phone on your hand, the whole world can instantly have access to your life. Now, people are the center of media, no longer the television or celebrities; this evolution is called social media.

In today's generation, you can be the celebrity in your own circle. This not to say that celebrities are no longer the talk of the town; well, in fact the celebrities are adapting to the trend and they were the first to adapt. Now, in just one click, people can have the real stories of the famous; what they eat, what they talk about, what they wear, and the likes. Creating a story along the timeline is the trend – just as simple as creating the story of your life.

In just five years, broad band subscription in the Philippines double from 1.05 million to 2.15 million (from 2008 to 2012 – source World Bank). Multiply the figures to family of five and you will get an estimated more than 10 million people who have access to the World Wide Web; and take note, the figures is estimated to grow in the succeeding years.  

It is truly fascinating how internet had allowed the people to discover their own media. There is no more confinement to one main stream media (television). People get to learn while enjoying the comfort of watching, reading, and interacting with their chosen media.

More and more people are discovering the power of internet; the power of information. Surely this will lead to progress.

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