July 8, 2014

The Game: Chapter 1


The story is about a human and his toys. As a kid, the human does not really know what a toy is, he just love to play with things that looks lovely and interesting. He holds the thing, what ever kind of thing it is; stone, wood, leaf, metal and the likes. Then while the human is growing up, he discovered the term "toy", he associate, it with things. He defined the toy as everything he can play with.

As a kid, he does not think of anything; he just loves to play and enjoy. He does not know what is happening around the world. His concern is his present, and what he is playing. He does not talk about the lives of people; he wants talk about his toys and how happy it was to play with them. He is very innocent, a child with no intention to harm.

During his early life, he is not afraid to share his toys with other kids, because he knows that it will be returned to him. He is free as a bird and see no harm on earth. He enjoys the abundant resources of nature and he loves to share it with his friends. The natures resources can be eaten, cooked, and can be transformed into a toy.

Then one day, one of his neighbors discovered, how to make a new toy using a metal; his neighbor called it a "coin". Most of the kids in the town are saying that this is the best toy they have played in their life. The bright kid became curious after he learned about the story. He wants to know more about it; he also wants to play with it.

Because of his curiosity, he came to visit the creator of the coin. He asked him, "what is a coin"? His neighbor showed him how a coin looks like, he was not impressed. He asked his neighbor, "is this the new toy that every kid in town is talking about? This round shaped gold colored thing, how can we play with this"? The neighbor answered, "It's up to you. I'll give you one coin, go out and try to play with it. See how everyone uses it, I bet that you will be amazed how it works".

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