July 11, 2014

The Game: Chapter 2

gold coin

The young man go out and try to think of things he can make use of the coin. He walked accrosed the town but still no idea coming in. He saw another kid sitting in a bench under a big mango tree, he asked him, " do you know about the coin"? The boy answered, "yes, I know about the coin, it's a very popular toy in town". He added, " a lot of kids are using this toy to acquire food and new toys." The wondering young man replied with a smile, "thanks for the information".

"Acquire food and new toy? How? Using this coin?" It is still not clear with him how to make use of the coin. He bite the coin, " no this is not a food". "If I burn this coin, will there be a new toy? Nothing to lose if I try it". The young man went home to burn the coin.

He burned the coin for eight hours. He is very excited, "what toy will come out? Surprised me my dear coin"! He is waiting but nothing is coming out. He added more wood on the fire, "wow the coin is turning red, maybe it's coming out! Woohahh it's coming out"! Excited as he looks like, yet, the coin just turned red and nothing come out.

"Okay, what if I pour some water on the coin to cool it? Maybe something will come out". The coin cooled out but it's still the same gold round coin. Nothing really has change.

"Enough with the coin, let us play again tomorrow. First I need to eat, I've no taken my breakfast and lunch because of you. I'm tired because of the whole day activity, I can't even climed a coconut tree, to get something to eat. This is the first time I skiped my meals, by the way Lala, a friendly girl, is next to my house; I'll ask for food".

The young man is knocking on his neighbor's door. "Lala, Lala, yuooh", then the door opened. "Hi Lala!", Lala replied back, "hello Jango, what can I do for you"? "You see I'm hungry, do you have anything to eat"? Lala replied, "I know you will ask for food, you always ask for food when you come here; come inside I have fresh guava and mangoes". The young man reply a smile.

While walking, Lala paused and asked, "by the way, where is your coin"? Jango, the name of the boy, wondered.

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