July 14, 2014

The Game: Chapter 3


"Lala why are you asking for a coin"? Jango Asked. "I guess you have not use the coin yet"? Lala replied. She added, "If it's your first time to use a coin, I will tell you how". The curious boy continues to listen.

While seating in a chair made from bamboo stick, Jango and Lala talked to each other; Jango is eating fruits while listening to Lala. "The coins can be exchange to anything; that is the only rule of the game", Lala ended. "That's it"? Questioned by the young man. "Like now, I was supposed to ask you for coins in exchange for the fruits, but I know you don't have coins", she said with a smile. "I have a one coin Lala, it's yours", replied by Jango. "I'm just joking, no exchange for today, keep the coin", insisted by the young girl. Jango replied a smile.

"Besides, I have enough coins for today, 50 coins", added by Lala. Jango was amazed, "50 coins! Wow! How did you get that"?  "I was going to Mom's house to bring her some fresh fruits; suddenly, a boy approached me asking for fruits in exchange for coins. I gave him three apples in exchange for three coins." "How did it became 50 coins"? Asked by Jango. "When I return home, other kids in town were asking me for fruits in exchange for coins; they said, they heard that I exchanged fresh fruits for coins", replied by Lala. "That was cool. Well, I bette r go home, it's getting late. Thanks for the food and the chat. See you tomorrow", Jango said goodbye. "You are welcome Jango, see you", polite reply of Lala.

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