July 2, 2014

Short Thoughts: The Toys of Life

Mountain Bike

You would probably remember the times when your parents used to tell you, "don't play with that thing, that is not a toy" (wag mo paglaruan ang bagay na yan, hindi yan laruan). Or maybe you are still hearing the same words (peace!).

Most of us were brought up in the age were parents differentiate things from toys. And, this affects how we deal with things; how we perceived life. If life of a grown up could be as simple us a kid, then life could be less complex. When things are perceived just like toys, when you know that age is just a number, and when you know that life can be enjoyed - things would be different.

Toys are subject to deterioration, just the same as the things in life. Maybe we are not getting old, it's just the toys we have are changing.

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