August 14, 2014

Chapter 5: The Game


"Lala Lala look the musicians are arriving", pointed by Jango. "Great! Let's go there"!, replied by Lala.

There are different kinds of leaves that musicians use in playing. The Guava leaf, Mango leaf, Durian leaf, Coconut leaf, and the likes. Each leaf has unique sound and tone.

"What is your name little girl?", asked by the musician. "My name is Lala". "Nice melodic name; let me play you a music". Everyone enjoyed and danced to the tune; after the performance, applause was the sound. "Please take this coin as a sign of thanks for dedicating to me your music", politely insisted by Lala. "Thank you", the musician replied with a smile. Everyone saw what Lala did; so, they also gave a coin for the wonderful performance.

"Okay, what else can we discover today?", asked by the curious boy. "I know exactly what to do next Jango... Let's exchange my coins"! "Great idea Lala"!

Lala saw a white jar, "It's beautiful Jango". Lala asked the girl who's holding the jar, "how many coins do I need to exchange for your jar"? "12 coins would be enough sister", replied by the girl. "Here are the coins". The girl thank with a smile.

"This is a beautiful jar, I can store my fresh fruits here", giggled by Lala. "Yes Lala, that looks great. I'm hungry let's look for a food". "There, I'll climb that coconut", added by Jango. "No need to climb the coconut tree Jango, let's just exchange my coin for a food. And besides I owe you for waking you up early". "Sounds good", replied by Jango.

In a dried coconut shell, a boy mix mango and coconut flesh with cow milk; everyone circled to exchange their coin to taste the new mixture of food. "Give me three coconut shells! Me five shells!", voiced by the kids. "He was the boy who bought my fruits, I did not know that fruits can be mix together to create new food", said by Lala. "I'm hungry Lala... But one thing is for sure, a coin has something to do with it because he exchange one coconut shell of mix fruits for three coins". "Well, we better try this food!", excited by Lala.

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