August 24, 2014

Chapter 6: The Game


From now on the story will be in the voice of Jango; the narrator will take a rest for a while.

"Lala I think we should go home", I know that Lala still want to exchange her remaining coins but I really want to go home, I woke-up early and I need more rest. "For a while Jango, I just need to see this". Haahhh, okay Lala is the boss, after this I will take all the sleep in the mountains. "Okay Lala I will wait here". 

"These are nice clothes Jango, they mixed cotton and fruits to create a scent and color of fruits. I will definitely exchange my coins for these"! "How many coins do I need to exchange for orange clothe?" "6 coins little girl", (said by the kid who created the colored clothes). "Are you done Lala? Let's go home". "I'm done Jango. Look at these items that I exchange with my coins, they are beautiful". "Yes, Lala they look good to me", (Jango smiles).

Lala has orange clothes and base; me, I got nothing. "Home sweet home. Goodnight Jango, thanks for accompanying me". "You are welcome Lala. Goodnight".

Maybe I should start to create something that kids in town would exchange their coins, but before that I should take a rest. (A calm night; chirping insects and frogs is the sound).

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