August 27, 2014

International: The Extreme Islam


The ongoing fight in the Middle East is now the focus of international observers. Thousands of people had already died. What is interesting is that the fight is not about conquering; the fight was about the religion – Jihad, a holy war.

Jihadist believe that Islam is the only true religion. At present, Islam can be divided into two groups; the extremist and non-extremist.

Unlike non- extremist group, extremist believed that the extreme Islam is the true Islam religion. They believed in the extreme ways of propagating Islam, like suicide bombing, killing those who are against their religion, killing homosexuals, and the likes. Their goal is to make Islam the dominate religion at all cost. One of their goals is to bring down the western civilization by replacing it with the laws of Koran; their goal is to bring down the United States of America – the most powerful western country in the world; one of the examples is the 9/11 attack. According to surveys, 25% (almost two hundred thousand) of Muslim in U.S. are willing to commit suicide bombing for their religion.

With the belief that Islam extremist are practicing Jihad, the group were able to increased their supporters dramatically. Kids and young adults, woman or man, were being recruited to fight and do suicide bombing. An example was a video of 12 year old girl, heavily armed, beheading a traitor in their group. Another example is a woman who offered his son for suicide bombing, and when asked how she felt; she answered with confidence that it is okay to her to sacrifice his son as long as it is the will of God. One commentator reacted, if it is okay for her to offer the life of her own son, how much more she's willing to sacrifice the life of others. Others were being recruited by forced – if the person does not want to join, the person is killed.

The two most talked Jihadist organization today are Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic organization; and ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Both organizations are classified by U.S. as terrorist group.

The war was about belief; this is the war that destroyed civilizations. This is the war were no one is right because both sides has their own truth. This is the war were the end is suffering and peace.

The present is the result of past and the future is the result of present. Surely there are loopholes in the past that triggered the extreme behaviors. These people were deprived of the basic goods of the earth, they have seen that (in the medias), they have seen how difficult is their life compared to western nations. And now they have the belief that war is the only way to achieved glory and power. The belief is being strengthened by the picture of poverty in their country.

The scenario cannot be far a way when income gap and crime rate is increasing. The latter was the short term scenario while the war (exemplified above) was the long term scenario.

It is by helping the poor by providing them a descent life and rebuilding nation by not abusing their resources that world peace will be achieved.

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