August 2, 2014

The Game: Chapter 4

The young boy while walking down the street, going to his house, thought of the conversation he just have with Lala. "A coin is not a food, nor it is a magic chemical that turns into something; it is a tool for exchange". Upon arriving home, the young boy took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The next morning: "Rise and shine Jango, let us go to the down town to see what can we trade using my coins", excited invite of Lala. "It's too early Lala, and besides I need a few more rest, I've almost lost all my energy yesterday". "Jango, please...". "Okay okay, I will get up... haaahh..", yawn by the boy. Lala thank with a big smile.
Jango and Lala is now in the down town. There are many kids around exchanging things for a coin. "A coin is really a cool toy, isn't it Lala"? "Yes, it simplifies how we exchange things", replied by Lala.
The two toured the town. The town has a grey tone, yet, the brightness of the sun gives it lively look. Kids are just around. There are wooden bench in the corner. Trees are beside the bench which blocks the sun light. The town is elevated; when you face north, you will see, far from the town, the beauty of the white sand beaches and dozens of wooden colorful boats (they call them Balangay). In the east, you will see big green mountains.
Kids wear white clothes; girls wear white thin dress and boys wear white thin shirts with matching white thin shorts - all were made from harvested cotton. The scene is like, when sun beams to the clothes a brighter ambiance can be felt.
The house of Lakan, the head of the town, is located at the center; it is a big nipa house surrounded by ten boys carrying long sharp knifes called Gulok. Most of the boys in town volunteered to follow Lakan. Their duty is to maintain peace and order of the town. In return kids give them food and other things as a sign of thanks.
Thanks to the abundance of nature, peace prevailed in the town. Everyone has something to eat; kids just need to look for food and they will find it. There are plenty of coconuts around the town and in the mountains which serve as the main food the town.
Fresh leaves when placed into lips, blown slightly, produced serendipic sound and entertains allot of kids.
Most of the kids go to down town to socialize, to meet new friends, and to exchange things.

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