September 17, 2014

Chapter 7: The Game


What do we have here, a coconut tree. What toy can I create from this tree that kids in town would loved to exchanged their coins? Think Jango, think...

I need to make something that is not yet seen by the kids, something different. Come on my little brain give me a picture of a toy. I know I can make something new today.

“Hi Jango!”, “hello Lala”. “What can I do for you Lala”? “Nothing I just drop by to say hi”. “What are those things packed on the basket”? “Oh, these are fresh fruits for delivery to one of the kids who ordered to me, Jango”. “The basket looks heavy, let me help you”. “No need Jango”. “I insist Lala”. “If that's what you want, thanks”.

(The two kids headed to the town to find the kid.)

“Are we there Lala? Good that I carried this basket; this is soo heavy”. “I think we are near to his house Jango; there he is”! “Hi Ron, I brought the fruits you ordered this morning”. “Thanks Lala for bringing the fruits; here are the coins in exchange”. “Thanks Ron, just visit my house if you have more orders”. “I will Lala”.

(Lala and Jango are heading home.)

“Thanks Jango for carrying the basket for me, here are ten coins as a sign of my thanks”. “No need Lala”. “This time I will be the one to insist, take the coins, please”. “Thanks Lala” (Jango smiles). “You are welcome”!

(Jango is home)

Ten coins, these is a lot of coins. Imagine what can I exchange with these coins. I got an idea! If I help other kids they will also give me coins and then I will be able buy more toys! But, should I ask a coin before I help? I'm not used to that, I don't ask for a coin when I help. No, I will just help them; and, if they give me a coin then it's fine, if they don't, I will still be happy to help them.

By tommorow I will help as many kids as possible! Here I come my coins!

To be continued...

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