September 18, 2014

Global Job Crisis

Business Man

Recent statement from World Bank says that the world is experiencing global job crisis. In simple words, majority of the people in the world who are looking for a job are having difficulty to land one.

One of the seen solutions is to encourage youth to build small businesses. These start-ups should be incubated so that, in the long run, they would be able to stand on their own and employ more people to reduced unemployment cases. In the short run, it is still expected to see high youth dependence and unemployment until such time those businesses emerged.

Another way to solve the issue is by supporting the practical education model, where in the education is the incubation process of the business. This means that while students are studying, they should be able build their own business in their chosen field and should be able to sustain the business outside the class.

There is no easy way out, but if there is a will there is a way.

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