September 19, 2014

Green Development


The world is now globally competitive. Each country wants get the highest share of growth; even to undermine the environmental effects. Yet I must argue that there is more than economic growth that a country should achieved; the green development.

I believed that green development, if not more than, is equal to any development indicators. I believed that any economic plans should be balanced with green development. Green developments at some cases could be expensive but there is bigger benefit in the future; health of the society.

We may have encouraged investment in manufacturing that create jobs, but if the companies does not comply with environmental policies, the long term community development would be negative.

Or, if urbanization is taking place without green development layouts, long run scenario would be a smog and flooded city.

We need to rethink our policies and projects that will promote greener environment. For example, why not promote bicycle as mass city transportation by creating protected bike lanes. Government and private sector urban tree planting initiatives are also good examples.

Economic growth is good; but, healthy economic development is much better.

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