October 9, 2014

The First Economy


The first economy is with in the family; mother manages the goods and father brings home the bacon. Imagine if the first economy is working well, what will be the effect on the whole economy? 

Sometimes it's very easy find fault on the macro economy while some of the problems should be solved in micro level. For example, some might complain that prices of goods are increasing, and they might blame the government for not controlling the price; yet, have we checked our own personal spending. Have we realized that our family is contributing to price increase because of over spending?

Another example, you are complaining about the heavy traffic and you are blaming the government for not widening the road. Yet, have you seen how big your car is? What if instead of using a car, use a bicycle or board a train.

Our economy is growing. Government cannot manage the entire household. It should be remembered that everyone has the responsibility to manage his own economy.

Blaming game is not the solution; instead we should do our share to improve the economy.

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