October 21, 2014

The Profit Oriented Generation

Most individuals and companies, now days, are focused on maximizing their gains. Every company would do anything just to hit their targets. That is, the happiest moment of a company is when they beat the target profit.

Where is this article going? There is nothing wrong to aim for high profits, yet, when development of people is involved, debate arises. Specifically, the intense competition brought about by globalization is resulting to massive unemployment imbalanced.

For example, instead of choosing to put the production plant in your own country, you chose to locate it in China where labor is cheap; even if you know that your country is suffering from high unemployment. In capitalistic sense, nothing is wrong with the decision, in fact, that is the right thing to do; you’re also helping other countries in reducing their unemployment cases. Yet, when we know that the competitive country has already reached a high employment, why not put the production plant in other countries; or put it in your own country that experiencing high unemployment?

This article is not to teach investors where to invest. My objective, in this capitalistic era where decision is mainly based on cost competitiveness, is to encourage investors to make decisions not only on the basis of competitiveness but also on the basis of world development. Not only this will balance the world unemployment, but will also shape the future of business.

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