November 13, 2014

Utilizing the Digital Age

The growing technology sector is spilling outside the tech countries. This would be a good thing; it would create jobs and could even develop the creative side of the youth. Technology can bring freedom to people, yet, for it to work – people need to understand what technology is; how it is being use and its language. If creativity is combined with technology then there are endless possibilities for production of new digital products.

For example, if you combine your profession with technology by creating a digital content and product (like website and apps) then not only you are building a business for yourself (and for next generation) but also expanding the information database of the world.

Technology can provide also a safety net to workers. By creating self-sustained digital products that generate income without frequent monitoring, people would be able to work on their day jobs and at the same time have a safety net that they could use in risk circumstances, like, if they want to resign and look for a new job.

In this digital age, incorporating computer programming to different school of thought would be a big advantage to the youth. For example, teaching Psychology students to write a program could pave way to new brain development apps. There are many positive scenarios once people learn to write the code.

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