December 11, 2014

Earning With Tech: The Million Dollar Math

Easy said than done, hitting a million is like a punch in the moon now days. Many would ask; is it true you can earn a million using your computer?

With the introduction of Adsense, Google's advertisement arm, you can hit your million dollar dreams using your computer and an internet connection without IT expertise. But this is not easy; you need patience and strategy to accomplish your goal; most of all you need to do a research. This is not to say that once you used Adsense you will become an instant millionaire. The goal of this article is to inform you that there is a real income platform in the internet that can yield up to a million dollar profit.

The question now is how you can use Adsense to earn something. Majority of the online workers profit by creating contents, like articles (that you are reading now), videos, platform for conversation (like Facebook, Tweeter, and G plus), and the likes. Basically, everything you see online can be monetized.

I know you want to get to the specifics. There are two simple ways to earn online without computer programming (html, java script and etc.).

1. Create a blog (Blogger, Wordpress, and the likes)

Once you have the blog, you can now publish the articles that you have knowledge (cooking, engineering, psychology, any article you want to write). Then search engines will start to recognize the information you have published and you would see some site visits. On your blog you can now incorporate the Adsense and start earning. Take note that your earning will depend on the number of your site visitors and many other factors. I leave you a home work to do more research on this once you created your blog and you have registered to Adsense.

2. Create a Youtube video

Create a Youtube account and incorporate Adsense to the video, simple as that. Once you created an account on Youtube, you will see setting in relation to monetization of your video; explore that setting.

To further push your income online you can use social media to market your articles and videos. 

I recommend that you visit the Adsense site to further understand how to monetize online. You can also watch success stories there.

The million dollar math online is that, if you grow your audience more than a million then million dollar will follow.

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  1. The numbers look challenging, but on one hand, there is no easy money.


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