December 10, 2014

Targeting the Right Development

Many people would ask, what is the best picture of a developed economy? Is it the economy with biggest buildings? Is it the economy with highest number of millionaires? The answer lies where the economy’s position today. In a developing country like Philippines, the answer is reducing the poverty.

Development of large buildings and production of luxury cars does not necessarily mean that a country is developing. It could be observed that thousands of cars are just passing by the slam areas and large shopping malls are being built at the back of some small fragile homes. This scenario shows that at the back of economic growth, there are people who are being left behind.

One could easily say that “poor are poor because they choose to become poor”. Yet, like a mother who loves his son, the government and private sector should never seize to help until such time his poor son became better.

The solution lies on the eagerness of each person to help those who are in need. True power does not lie on the hands of the few; it is in the hands of each person acting together. We have the power to change our country if we act as one.

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