February 26, 2015

Media Everywhere

Media is everywhere; radio, TV show, newspaper, magazine, internet, other people's life, your own life, books, music, and many other forms. Media is what keeps us from learning, from being entertained, and from knowing what is happening around us.

There are different types of media now a day. We can call them: one-way, two-way, and a multi-source media (these are not standard terminologies). One-way media, to put it simple, is a type of media where information is transferred to the watcher in a one way manner, where the watcher has no capability to respond back or be heard by the information provider at the time media is being viewed; a good example is a TV Show. The scenario is like a baby being feed of food; the baby has no choice but to eat what is being feed to him – the baby cannot comment because he doesn't know how to talk. In other simple words, one way media omits the instant interaction between the viewer and the information provider.

Two-way media, on the other hand, is an interactive media. This type of media involves two or more person interacting together in a closed arena; interacting in the sense two or more parties are providing data or information at the same time. In other words, two-way media is being part of the show in closed social circle. One good example is Facebook, a social media website. Photos posted in Facebook can be interpreted as data or information. Photos are considered data when you don't know the story behind the photo; when one, puts a description or story above the photo it becomes information. In Facebook, not only that you can read stories, view photos, and watch videos of other people (which are one-way media) you can as well be part of it. By posting your photos or stories, you become part of the media. When other people comment to your photo or you comment to other people's photo, you and your social circle becomes the media. Another basic example is when you talk to your friend face to face – that is a two-way media.

Multi-source media is the evolution of one-way and two-way media; it is a two-way media in an open arena. In a television the network provider decides what shows will be aired. In social network, most of the time, friends are the only one allowed to see the post (pictures, stories, and videos). Multi-source media is the combination of the two above mentioned media type. Multi-source media is the ability of each and everyone to contribute to worldwide media. In this sense, not only that you are posting pictures for your friends, you are allowing the world to see your great ideas. A good example of this is YouTube. YouTube allows the viewer to see, comment, and interact with different videos created by different people; common people who want to share their knowledge or to give entertainment to the world. Multi-source media is we being the media of each and everyone by creating videos, articles, blogs, applications, games, e-books, podcast, and the likes.

In this new era, we can say that we don't need to become a celebrity to be part of the media.


  1. We have the luxury of media flexibility in today's generation!


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