March 26, 2015

Just Do Something

Have you ever catch your self doing nothing, then suddenly you decided to turn-on the TV and entertain your self - then you noticed that it is 4 pm and you felt that have not done something productive. According to psychological studies, not knowing what to do can be mentally painful. Most people who experience this, redirect their attention to entertainment like watching TV and surfing the net. I don't want to sound like a psychologist but these things are observable in the daily reality of life.

In fact, in developing countries where most people have limited access to internet (because of cost), TV ratings are higher. In developed countries like US, more people are using the internet rather than watching TV. Higher TV ratings could indicate that more people are watching TV. This could indicate non-productive workforce. This could also be true on those surfing the net, but in developing countries, TV ratings could indicate a negative correlation or tell more stories about human productivity. (Even in the afternoon, advertisements still flocked the free TV screens of the Philippines.)

This is not to say that people should not entertain themselves. Yet, when individual welfare is concern, should we not ask ourselves?

Instead of looking for a job or finding ways to earn, you watched TV. Instead of doing productive house hold work you watched TV. There are many scenarios related to too much entertainment(drinking liquors, gossiping and the likes) that destroys human productivity.

There is a simple solution to this - the famous line of shoe maker - just do it. I will rephrase that to, just do something productive. You can start it in your home - fixing things etc., or you could start to walk around and look for something that you can do. You can also build a small business that does not require a big capital. Or you can volunteer for social work. You could also go for a jogging - according to studies, exercise can increase brain neurons which could help us think better. There are many things to do that could make our life significant and productive. According to the film Theory of Everything - there is always something (productive) for everyone to do.


  1. Sometimes the solution to non-productive life is to find a way keep our selves busy rather than staying on our comfort zone.

  2. I'd rather walk around rather than stay still, not moving, entertaining myself. Escape to reality is not solution to the challenges of life.


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