March 19, 2015

Minimum Wage Increase

The basic salary we are receiving from employers plays a big role in our daily life. We use money to sustain our life – to have a life. Imagine life today without money. The reality is that money is the basic tool and one of the most important tools we have in today's generation. Yes, money is a tool and that we should learn to use it wisely.

Some wage groups in the Philippines are protesting the minimum wage increase of 15 Pesos at NCR that will be effective on April 2015 – they think that the wage increase is not enough, and that the wage increase should be higher. Yet, I think it is good to examine the labor market position before people go out of street and voice out their disappointment regarding wage (well, Philippines is a democratic country and rally is not bad). The society should understand that we are operating in a free market. This means that businesses, laborers, and the likes have a free will to go out and enter the market. If laborers are not contented with their salary, there are two options, either they go out of the streets – protest and force the business to increase their wage or leave the employer. On the other hand, if the employer cannot afford the salary of the laborers – he would have no choice but to increase the salary because it is government mandatory or he can go out of the country and find a country that offers lower labor cost.

Today, we all know that people who are looking for a job are greater than people who are landing a job. This is the reality of the world today. This being said, I think instead of complaining on wage we are receiving – I think we should find a way to increase our skills and knowledge so that we would no longer rely on minimum wage. Government and private sector should find ways to help on increasing the skills and knowledge of the people so that society could learn to stand strong.

The main problem of the world today is not wage but unemployment.

NCR minimum wage will increase to 481 Pesos.

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  1. One of the main problems of the world today is unemployment.


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