March 26, 2015

Talking About Economy

When one person hears the word economy. The normal reply you would get is "what is that?" Few people use the term economy in developing nations (like Philippines). Few people even know the work of an economist. Most of the talks are about show business; life of TV celebrities - actors, actress, host, reality show contestants. This shows how people in poor countries less likely to talk about their own development - how to find solutions on the problems of the society. This is not to generalize, this are my observation based on reality and data I have seen. You can try to check the trending topics and most like on social media.

Talking about economy is more than just talking about money. Economy is we, how the quality of life of each person can be improved. Talking about economy is how to manage our resources. Talking about economy is recognizing that we play an important role in improving the society.

Economics is not only for geeks who creates models and writes complex numbers and symbols. Economics is our daily life. Economics is deciding what breakfast to eat from deciding how to manage household expenses.

Time will come that debate in the economy should not only be left on the hands of the government and non-government institution. Imagine how our ideas could shape our economy.

If you ever know that the manufacturing plant in your neighborhood that produces toxic waste would reduce your life existence by 30%, would you not voice your concern, and suggest corrective actions?

If you ever know that you have free access to natural resources, yet some private institution are preventing you to use these free resources, would you not question it?

There are so many problem solving questions in our economy that can be talked about to generate solution. We just need to ask.

Does allowing too much use of cars good for our city environment and health?


  1. The world is embodied with many economic problems; there are enough pool of thinkers yet the problems still exist.

    1. This is very true. Yet, if we try to talk about the real issues of the society - solutions might arise.


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