March 20, 2015

The Dignity in Work

Have you ever wonder why you call the manager in your office a boss; something that will define a rank. What if you just see him as a manager, a title of a work. Do you just see him as a worker or you see the manager as a high rank officer? What if the rank was remove - equality was establish in the work place by focusing on the job and not on the rank.

My point is, we are all workers, in that sense, we are all equal. We may have different work but we have equal dignity. You can examine your self by asking how do you see yourself and how do you see others. Do you think you are in better or higher position because you are a manager or do you believe that your subordinates and you have equal position; you just have different responsibilities? Do you believe that no profession is greater than other profession ( a cashier is not less than a president) - and that each profession has its own role in the society? Do you believe that no celebrity or individual is greater than you?

It is very important to remember the concept of equality because this mindset can pave way to the development of the society and confidence in the dignity of each individual. When each member of the society understands his value despite the income inequality, people can still hold on the equality of being a human. With that, income inequality will not result to inequality in dignity. Whoever you are, whatever your work, color, and shape of your body & face - we are all equal.

It would be nice to see that each person would have pride in his work - like saying I am a Garbage Collector, I am a Driver, I am a Cashier, I am a Waiter, I am a Cleaner, I am a Helper, and all title related to good work and profession.


Next time you see your boss - try to call him on his name, when he reacts and ask you why you're not calling him boss - tell him he is a manager and you are an assistant. ( I cross my fingers and hope that he will realize you are equal.)

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  1. Equality is a mindset that every person in this world should not forget.


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