April 20, 2015

China is Flexing its Muscle against Small Countries

Spratly Islands

The ongoing construction of China in disputed Spratly Islands is sending a signal of neglection of anti-dispute agreement. A problem that could be resolved in the international court, thru presentation of sound evidence of claim, is now creating an elbow to elbow power showcase. There is no doubt that China is one of the most powerful nations in the earth, yet, its present actions are not examples of good leadership. The world has supported the products of this nation because it was able to offer good services and products at a competitive price. But with the ongoing power flexing it is showing to the world, the question arise if this country deserves the support (financial support thru imports of different countries) it is getting from the whole world.

The Philippines is a small country compared to China; the military power of Philippines is less strong compared to China. Yet, Filipino citizens still believed in the word respect and democracy. The world is watching how giant acts; the world has a simple way to balance things. China can continue to flex its muscle without considering the sovereignty of other nations – but the world is not blind – people are not blind.

The history would tell that many times, military power has failed to defeat the people power. Philippines will surely maintain its cool head and will not jump into the ring of elbow fight; and when the big man continues to provoke – let the world decide who the true winner is.

Analysts believe that the joint military (Balikatan) exercise of U.S. and Philippines will not deter China from its construction expansion spree. According to news sources, the 31st “Balikatan” military exercise will be 10 days covering the Philippine islands of Luzon, Palawan, and Panay that will be participated by more than 11,000 Filipinos and Americans starting this Monday.

Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan are actively claiming on the Islands of Spratly.


  1. I think we are back in the dark ages

  2. These nations should talk together to resolved this issue


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