April 15, 2015

Napoles Face up to 40 Years Imprisonment

Napoles Face up to 40 Years Imprisonment

Janet Lim Napoles was found guilty for illegally detaining Benhur Luy. Mrs. Napoles, also named as the Pork Barrel Queen (pork barrel is a government budget), was accused of receiving government budgets from high rank government officials; putting the government budget to fake non-government organizations (NGOs). Benhur Luy, as he admitted, became an instrument and benefited from the illegal transactions (receiving a kickback of approximately four million Pesos); he is one of the main witnesses for corruption accusations to Napoles and other government officials.

Mrs. Napoles, some government officials, and other people accessory to the scam faced corruption cases waiting for verdict.

Mrs. Napoles is facing up to 40 years of imprisonment for illegally detaining Benhur Luy.

This is an indicator of transparency and fight against corruption. The Philippines society will surely monitor the progress of other corruption cases which will serve as justice to projects that should have improve the economy and the lives of poor people.

Pork Barrel Scam is a multi-billion Peso government budget scam.

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  1. Hope that other corrupt government officials would also examined by judiciary


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