May 12, 2015

May 11 Risk Report: Philippines Stocks Inched a Bit while Risk Increased

Philippines stocks average risk

Philippines Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) gained by .19% yesterday, May 11, 2015, increasing the index by 14.69 points to 7,777.90.

Along with the a small growth in PSEi, Philippine Economist Stock Risk Index (PESRi) recorded an increase in risk by 1.11%, equivalent to .051 points, from 4.587 to 4.638. PESRi measures risk associated with stock price fluctuation and liquidation. The index is based on the model that less risk stocks are not fluctuating and can be easily converted into cash.

Based on the latest PESRi report, the lowest risk was recorded in the industry of Telecommunication, followed by Casino & Gaming, and Holding Firm with an average risk of 3.98, 4.12, and 4.41 respectively.

To view the full PESRi report, which includes per company risk index, click this link.

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