May 28, 2015

Philippines Stock Risk Fall after GDP Data Released

Philippines Stock Risk Index May 28, 2015

After the release of Philippines Q1 2015 GDP, PSEi slightly gain confidence ending down by 1.23% at 7,505.03, today, May 28, 2015. All sectors were down, yet, some stocks have already increased and had showed signs of recovery. At the end of the day the index still received a big loss.

Philippine Economist Stock Risk Index (PESRi) recorded a significant drop on risk from 4.692 yesterday to 4.613 today, equivalent to -1.68%. The past weeks were high risk; the fall of risk number is an indication of optimism.

Philippines Q1 2015 GDP slight decline to 5.2% compared to 5.6% previous quarter.

PESRi measures risk related to stock price volatility and ease of liquidity.

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