May 13, 2015

PSEi on Steady Growth as Risk Decline

Philippines Stock Risk Index May 13, 2015

PSEi continues to grow steadily increasing by .018% to 7,808.35, today, May 13, 2015. Philippine Economist Stock Risk Index (PESRi) also recorded a good number, lowering risk number from 4.622 to 4.608 which is equivalent to -.29%. It’s too early to say that market confidence is coming back since last week price fall, yet, there are signs of regaining confidence in the market.

Lowest risk index number was recorded in the industry of Telecommunication, Education, and Casino & Gaming at 3.977, 4.334, and 4.372 respectively.

PESRi measures the short term risk of Philippines stocks based on price volatility and ease of liquidation.

To view the full PESRi report which includes per company risk index, click this link: Philippines Stock Risk Index – May 13, 2015.

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