May 25, 2015

Risk is Projected to Ease After the Stock Price Erosion

Stock Quote
PSEi posted a significant drop, once again, by -.62% at 7761.53 the lowest number in the last two weeks. Majority of the stocks turned red as stock market opened. The stock market has angled down since last week as market confidence fails to stabilize.

While majority of the stock holders were disappointed by the stock market performance, the risk numbers were pointing down, indicating that some stock holders might no longer want to sell low. Philippine Economist Stock Risk Index (PESRi) declined by .62% from 4.664 to 4.635. Stock price has been hitting high and low in the past days due to some speculative selling which are no longer aligned with the performance of the companies; it is possible that some of the stocks had already hit the bottom line.
PESRi measures price volatility and stock liquidation.

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