June 1, 2015

Channeling Advertising to Social Responsibility


In the Philippines, in order for you to amass a great amount of income in private sector, a person could be a celebrity or could occupy a high executive position. Being an executive would take you more than 10 years to reach the position. Being a celebrity, at some cases, could only take a day, a month or a year. One of the biggest sources of income of a celebrity is advertising.

The question arises if celebrities are being paid too much for advertising a product; and whether if celebrity advertising is creating a big impact on social improvement? Can a simple advertising be enough to remind people of the product? And the savings from the simple advertisement could be used for Social Responsible Marketing?

Social Responsible Marketing is promoting a product by channeling the efforts to the users of the product itself. For example, a big consumer company can visit poor provinces and create social projects that would help create jobs – in return, the company can attached their brand on the project. The social project should not increase the marketing cost of the company as these should be coming from cost saving from celebrity advertising.

This is not to say that companies should refrain from advertising on media, but, would it be better if majority of the marketing efforts would be channeled to social improvement, especially when majority of the consumers are poor.

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