June 22, 2015

Computerize School Assignments

Apple I-Phone Laptop Notebook
Apple I-Phone Laptop Notebook by Alejandro Escamilla from unsplash.com; license CC0

In this new era, it is still common to see school assignments, projects, quizzes, and the likes in printed papers. The common phrase of “think before you print” is some how not well practiced in schools and universities. The question arises, despite the new technologies – why paper is still widely used in education sector?

Every year, there are millions of students who use paper for studying – imagine the savings from paper resources (from trees) if we convert this paper into PDF or Word files and used email and other messaging tool in submitting assignments, projects and quizzes.

Computerization is a simple solution in keeping the environment green which does not require government intervention – this can be readily implemented by teachers and professors. Yet, it would be better if the idea will be one of the criteria in evaluating schools and universities.

It is good to remember that all goods that we are using are made of natural resources, conserving goods (such as paper) means conserving the nature.

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