September 24, 2015

Philippines Economy in 2020: Focusing on the Plan

Palawan Palm Forest
"Palawan - Palm Forest". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Some foreign analysts believed that Philippines will remain poor in the next five years. Their prophecy might come true if the government and private sector don’t act. But as long as we have the resources (human and natural resources), I think there is still hope in the years to come; we just need to focus on the plan and implement what needs to be implemented. Here are some of the suggestions which I think will help in minimizing poverty in the country.

1. Continue the fight against corruption (red tape, smuggling, and the likes) to ensure that resources are distributed very well.

2. Improve infrastructure and transportation in the mega cities (free roads and bridges, mass transportation, clean air act, and drainage system) and farm to market roads.

3. Expand conditional cash transfer program to the poorest of the poor.

4. Support the agriculture sector (especially small farmers) and entrepreneurship (improve ease of doing business in the country).

5. Relocate informal settlers and create a livable community for them (with jobs, health center, water and electricity, police and safety, and government representative – like barangay head).

6. Protect local business start-ups by ensuring fair competition (against monopolization and unfair pricing).

7. Improve information dissemination and transparency especially in government projects and job market. Coordinating the available jobs in the market to College and Universities will lessen skill mismatch.

8. Lower the cost of energy by expanding (increasing the supply of) renewable energy plants.

9. Lower the cost of acquiring knowledge or information by lowering the cost of connecting to the internet.

10. Protect and grow the natural resources.

There are many suggestions that we can make to improve our economy in the next five years, if you have one, you can comment below.


  1. I superbly agree on the need for easing of doing business in the country

  2. Create business equals create jobs

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  4. Dump Benigno Abnoy Aquino and never patronize Mar Roxas, not even Chiz Escudero or Leila Delima or Lennie Robredo. These are idiots, much talk and no fruitful action.
    Instead go for a very strong leader like Rodrigo Duterte and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. that will catapult the Philippine Economy and uplift Social Equality in terms of economic distribution.
    Do not be ignorant, stupid, too much emotional like a normal Filipino is. Wake up and use your tiny brain people.


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