September 10, 2015

Right Distribution of Resources

Filipino Women Washing
Photo by Andrews, C. W. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We have seen how poor infrastructure can negatively affect the society. Particularly we could resolve infrastructure problem related to traffic and flooding 10 years ago. Poor infrastructure has been the problem of our country for the past decades and today the problem still exist in the metro, the center of trading of the country. We have the resources and we have the human talent to resolve this issue, but why does the problem remain?

In the main stream economy we would probably think that everything is fine where businesses generate income and people work on decent jobs. The underground economy of the Philippines is different where people generate income in a way that is not accepted by the society. Most of the victims are women who engaged in prostitution and related prostitution jobs. The main theory why this people engage in this act is because of lack of education, jobs, and basic resources (e.g. food & shelter). We all know that every person if given a chance would want to have decent job with regular income. If resources could just be distributed very well, I think there will be less people working on the underground economy.

People should know and understand that all the resources in this country are for everyone to share.

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  1. This is the question really right now in span of 10 or 5 years the problem remains...


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