November 25, 2015

The Consequence of War

"Szatmárnémeti, 1940. szeptember 5 (1)" by Sárai Budapest Rotációs Fényképsokszorosító (scanned by Derzsi Elekes Andor) - Metapolisz Images. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

No one has ever won a war; some people say that one has to undergo a war before you can understand the meaning of peace. Yet, the world has already experienced the war and we all know its consequence. So does it make sense to wage in war again? I guess not, it boils back again that no one is a winner in a war – people will be hurt and dead. We need to respect each nation’s sovereignty; instead of attacking and starting a war, we need to strengthen our defense against war. Violence will only give birth to violence, unless we wage war against violence there will be no peace.

The key is to help rebuild poor nations; to shift the focus of the world to rebuilding and peace. Instead of sending troops in guns and booths, sending white troops with medicine and food should be the start. We are in war because there is an inequality; one is dominating and controlling the other while other doesn’t want to be controlled. We really need to think about the world we want; there are plenty of issues in which we can focus our energy instead of engaging in a war.

We need to build peace to honor the lives of those who died in the war of the past just to show the world the difference between violence and peace.

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