November 29, 2015

The Future of Mobility in the Philippines

Green Power Formula 24
Photo by Matt Barker (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Next to renewable energy as one of the most important infrastructure of the future, are charging stations for electric cars. Some people will not agree but the future of mobility is electric powered vehicles. The main reason is that Philippines (and other countries) cannot rely on oil in long run if it wants to be sustainably developed country. Philippines is not an oil exporting country, this means that a huge part of energy demand is being imported. Also, if Philippines wants to improve its trade balance (foreign currency reserves) then it needs to reduce its imports. 

As a head start, charging station for electric cars should be built in every parking space of the country. The main reason why charging stations should be built first is because car manufacturers will not sell electric cars unless there are charging stations; people will not also buy these cars unless there are charging stations. Imagine if charging your car is free because these charging stations are sourcing its energy from renewable energy plants which is being maintained using the taxes of the people (I think maintaining solar panel plants should not cause the government too much); imagine the clean green mobility and productivity that it will bring to the people. People will definitely shift to electric cars with this kind of benefit. Moreover, Philippines is positioned to bring this kind of mass mobility since we have the resources and environment to produce renewable energies.

This is what we call inclusive economic growth, including each and everyone in the mobility – in the development. We know that this is feasible, thus we should start now.

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  1. This is very interesting.. Travel all you can freely.. Japan and US has already free charging stations for electric cars..


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